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Market Updates : Tips and Tricks

Everything you need to know to get the best offers.

Are you ready get the best offers right now?

Virtual Renovation:

No Stress Updates that get the best offers.


This process can save you from the hassle of spending money on a renovation that doesn’t match the buyers’ taste. And get your home on the market much faster.


Is there a room in your home that requires a bit of imagination? Let’s maximize your sale and get those offers rolling in.


93% of people are NOT able to visualize a renovated space. If you’re relying on a buyer’s ability to see the potential of your home, you could be missing out.


Level 1: Update Paint and Finishes

I’ll show how just a paint color swap or finish updates can transform a room without you lifting a finger or spending a dime.


Level 2: Total Renovation

In some cases I may even recreate the space using 3D modeling to show buyers the true potential of the space and how it could meet their needs


Level 3: Totally Unfinished

I can turn blueprints into renderings that will allow buyers to immediately envision what it’s like to live in the home AND start to mentally move in.






Marketing is so much more than placing a sign in your yard and officially listing your property in the MLS. Not all properties require the same marketing approach and we’ll work together to craft a plan that works for you.


I have an 8 week strategy ready to customize with you. I'll include an additional pre-sale preparation list to make sure your home is looking it's best both in reality and virtually.


I'll provide you with custom marketing materials to share both online and off- this will include prepared social media posts, PDFs, and flyers.


Together we'll periodically review feedback and advertising strategy effectiveness to make sure we're on track to keep your home on the top of any buyer's list.





By using what you have, your holiday decorating materials, and a trip to an inexpensive home goods store you can make a huge impact.




























































What if I told you selling your house could be quick, painless, and dare I say- fun?


Download my straight forward list to make sure you find your ideal real estate agent and get the most out of your sale.






Have you done your honest home assessment yet? If not please start there- you can find the PDF to download right here. If you have downloaded the worksheet then you'll know what I'm talking about, if you haven’t yet, it’s a quick little worksheet where you can go to the four main areas of your home and write down what's great about it, what is kind of meh, and what really might need some work because it's really ugly, outdated, or needs repair.  Once you do that you might start to think about using virtual renovation. For those of you who still aren't quite sure what the heck virtual renovation is- putting it simply it's using 3D modeling or photo manipulation to highlight the potential of your home to buyers. It can also bring in more and better offers because (as I remind you often..) only 7% of buyers can actually visualize a renovated space to suit their taste. Now that you know for sure what it is and after you've done your checklist, you’re ready to consider using virtual renovation. You might be thinking “Okay, so when do I do virtual renovation and why shouldn't I just do a full-on renovation? Why shouldn’t I just jump in?” [read more] or [hop to the video]

A Marketing Strategy

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Virtual Renovation:  To do or Not to do?