Cari Kearney Realtor®


Fueled by coffee, creativity, and

Future Home Realty







With your hopes, dreams, and goals in my hands-

I'm going to use everything in my toolbox.

Are you ready to get the best offers on your home

AND barely lift a finger?

Virtual Renovation:

No Stress Updates that get the best offers.

This process can save you from the hassle of spending money on a renovation that doesn’t match the buyers’ taste. And get your home on the market much faster.


Is there a room in your home that requires a bit of imagination? Let’s maximize your sale and get those offers rolling in.

My Home Didn't Sell

Now What?

I understand selling your home can be scary, stressful, overwhelming.. but it doesn’t have to be. I appreciate you may have had a previous failed real estate agent relationship or other unique hurdles preventing your home from selling. I pride myself on listening and solving problems in a unique way that yields the best results.


Together we can do this.

A Marketing Strategy:

Customized for you

I have an 8 week strategy ready to customize with you. I'll include an additional pre-sale preparation list to make sure your home is looking it's best both in reality and virtually.

I'll provide you with custom marketing materials to share both online and off- this will include prepared social media posts, PDFs, and flyers.

Finding your Next Dream Home

While I can set you up on a custom, automated search with results hitting your inbox daily- I prefer to communicate quickly and directly about homes that may be a perfect match. I'd really like to work with you to fine tune your needs and in doing so make the most of our time together.


We can utilize tools like video tours or video calls if needed to get your eyes on new listings quickly.